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An author visit to your school can be rewarding and informative for parents, teachers, and students. During my visit I talk about the writing process, how books are created, and goal setting.

An author visit also imparts the love of reading and writing to students. For me, a school visit is exciting because I get to meet the teachers, boys, and girls who read my books!

Grades K & 1 Presentations - 45 min.

Audience size: Each grade separate.

I discuss the fun of writing and learning. We'll discuss my books and how they are researched.  We discuss the importance of writing, the artist's work, and how, finally, the book is made. I show PowerPoint slides of my books and rap sing one book. Don't worry, I can hold this age group's attention for a full 45 minutes! I use magic and humor to hold student interest and draw them into the presentation.

Grades 2 & 3 Presentations – 50 min.

Audience size: Usually both grade levels combined.

The format can be the same as K & 1, but on a higher level. We discuss where writers find ideas and the total writing process involved in publishing a book. We discuss revision and working to improve pieces of writing.  I show PowerPoint slides from my books and discuss interesting facts I uncovered.

Grades 4 & 5 – Sixty Minutes

Audience size: 4th and 5th grades combined.

This presentation is the same as Grades 2 & 3. Additionally, I talk about the importance of goal setting. I show PowerPoint slides and discuss the most interesting facts I uncovered doing research for my books.

Students participate in a Q&A session.


45 minutes:  Pre K & Kindergarten

45 minutes:  First Grade

25 minutes: AUTHOR LUNCHEON for K-2

                    (with selected students)

25 minutes: AUTHOR LUNCHEON for K-2

                    (with selected students)

50 minutes: Second & Third Grades together

60 minutes: Fourth & Fifth Grades together

Here is what one group of students said about my visit to their school in Indiana:

Alexis said, “ I learned that authors love librarians.”

“I learned that most picture books have 32 pages,” said Joshua.

Trestyn said, “I like how you showed us how you learn from other authors.”

Macy said, “I can tell you really really like kids!”

“That was cool how you got your dog to read,” said Jazmine.

“One thing I noticed is that you are not just an author. You are really cool,” said Megan.

“I liked when you said that we knew some of  your secrets, like how you use rough drafts,” said Luke J.

Cole said, “I wrote about you in my journal!”

“That was funny when you showed us the picture of the mansion and said that you lived there,” said Owen.

Madeline said, “I learned that you never met some of your illustrators.”

“We learned that it takes you a whole school year to finish a book!” said Mrs. Hamilton’s kindergarten class.

“You’re one of my favorite authors now,” said Luke S.

November, 2015:      

The faculty is raving to our principal, who was not there for your visit, that you were AMAZING. She has emailed
thanking me and asking, “what next?” I told her I’m hoping to bring you back with a Target grant next year, but only if she promises to make a Parent Night happen! That’s a critical piece.


The students can’t stop talking about their encounters with you! You do know how to connect. They’re asking to hear your books again and again. Brittney Dula, liberrian extraordinaire, has shared a great video compilation of you with the students with the staff and they kids will do anything to be rewarded with another viewing.


Thanks for making me look good in the eyes of my students and peers. All I can say is that I knew from the moment I saw you (over and over) at the East TN Title I conference(s), you would make a difference in the literary lives of our students. You did!!